IHE-UK is a non-profit association dedicated to interoperability in health information technology, IHE-UK gathers a broad range of stakeholders to advance the shared exchange of patient information. IHE-UK will be exhibiting at the EHI-Live event again this year, where we are promoting multiple profiles.

  • Following a successful Webinar in July 2013 and two one-day meetings on Interoperability in February and April 2014 this one-day meeting is showcasing Interoperability in Live Action in hospitals and clinics across UK and encouraging User Supporting User, so interoperability working together. The programme will comprise speakers from Industry, Users and Regulatory Authorities and comes at a time when opportunities for interoperability funding are in the market place, thanks to a number of NHS Funding initiatives. IHE supports many domains and many profiles and this meeting is designed to show some of them in operation and together with the EHI Live congress and exhibition in November will provide a platform for demonstrable examples that are working today. The meeting will have an exhibition and poster presentation running alongside in the adjacent rooms.  For more information and to register please click here
  • A project is currently underway to provide guidance for use of XDS metadata in the UK - see http://wiki.ihe-uk.org for details.