Antilope is a thematic network of European organisations supporting the adoption and testing of existing eHealth standards and specifications that define an eHealth interoperability framework. Based on the results and recommendations in the Hitch project, the network will promote and drive adoption of testing guidelines as well as testing tools on a European and national level. The network is arranging a number of events and summits across EU Member States. The outcome is intended to achieve a common approach for testing and certification of eHealth solutions and services in Europe. IHE-UK is a Special Validation Partner within the Antilope project responsible for organising and running summits in the UK and, in Ireland through our partner organisation Prorec Ireland under the auspices of the Irish Computer Society iCS.
The UK summit took place on Wednesday 30th April 2014 at the British Computer Society headquarters in London. The programme included a number of UK and International speakers and their presentations are available here
The Irish summit took place on the second afternoon of the annual Health Informatics HISI conference held at the Printworks Centre within Dublin Castle on the 19/20th November. Attended by a large audience drawn from the HSE,DH, health providers and suppliers the summit combined presentations on the Antilope programme with those emphasising the need for and benfits of standards for IT systems within the Irish healthcare community. More deatils can be found at